Note From God Series

“Note From God” Series

Curated stores from Jennifer Friebely

Here are stories from my “A Note From God” Collection.

My “Dear Joe, I Never Said It Would Be Easy — A Note From God first story popped into my mind as I was reading emails and I saw an appeal from Joe Biden for more money. I thought to myself, “Joe, you already won. Why do you need more money?” As soon as those thoughts came out — the rest of the story tumbled out of my mind and onto the page.

This story has become one of my most popular stories with my readers. It has received the most claps of any article I have published and has inspired me to create a series. There are now five (links below):

  • #1 Dear Joe, I Never Said It Would Be Easy — A Note From God
  • #2 Dear Joe, Keep the Faith — Another Note From God
  • #3 Dear Joe, I know It’s Painful to Watch a Lame Duck Madman — Another Note From God
  • #4 Dear Joe, Ignore The Insanity — Another Note From God
  • #5 Dear Joe, You Brought The Light — Another Note From God

I will try to add stories regularly to this collection (as inspired).

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