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This story is about a viral article that I wrote. I made a mistake with the type of link I used to share it — and promote it. I made a huge mistake. Read on.

This piece is about the universe giving you what you need. It’s a personal story about how I needed help. And the very help I needed showed up instantly.

This article is about publishing — the most powerful P-word is Publish. This piece also congratulations Illumination and Illumination-curated on some well-deserved milestones.

This is one of my most personal stories yet. I share memories of my late husband, Ed Earle on the 8th anniversary of his death — March 15th.

This is an article about Mister Rogers — I share a personal story — with a broad appeal.

This piece is about writing inspiration — the difference between a “download” and being “in the flow.”

This story is about writing on Medium! Who would have ever thought it would be curated — but it was. It’s about wonky stats.

This is about putting your whole “self” into a story.

This is a story about the fact that you are more likely to die on your birthday. My husband did.

This story is about how the GOP has a chance to eliminate Trump from their party — and who I think might vote to do so.

This story is about how I believe Donald Trump will be convicted in the Senate impeachment trial relating to the Capitol riot on January 6th.

This story is about how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has had the power to help millions of Americans who are starving and yet he has not. He has held up stimulus dollars — which are now more like “disaster funds” in an attempt to include legislation that absolves corporations and employers from any coronavirus-related liabilities. Because the two Republican senators in the Georgia runoff are in peril of losing, and consequently losing Republican control of the Senate, McConnell has begrudgingly signed on to allow stimulus checks in the latest package for Congressional approval.

Have you ever been given tasks in your office simply because you are a woman? If you just said “yes,” this article is a must read. Even if you didn’t say yes — please read anyway. Everyone needs to be enlightened.

This article is about The Long Pond Studio Sessions — where Taylor Swift and her co-producers and writers recorded the album “Folklore” after the pandemic restrictions were lifted in September 2020.

This article is about an error I made taking my migraine medicine. It’s a cautionary tale for anyone.

Here’s an article with an interesting method to cut a scary cat’s nails.

Bully bosses. They get in the way of so much. They are insecure beings who ruin everyone else’s day. Here’s an article on bully bosses action items.

This article is a recipe for my favorite cookies. They can be formed and then frozen. To bake straight from the freezer, add about 5 minutes to the baking time.

This article explores the whole baby bump craze. There is a baby bump craze.

I learned that the documentary on the murder of Shanann Watts and her two children by Chris Watts went to number one on Netflix the first week after its release. I wanted to know why these stories are so popular. I explored that in this article.

Here are some tactics you can use in any negotiation. Thank you from the FBI.

This article is about my best friend of seventeen years, Gabriel. He was a wild cat who adopted me. This is a love story.

Here, in this article — I was writing the day Bob Woodward revealed that Trump knew about the severity of the coronavirus long before he told the American people because he “didn’t want anyone to panic.”

I went into a full on rant for this. I felt my emotions pour out into the article.

Jennifer Friebely is a New York-based content writer, marketer, and speaker covering stories from personal development, bully bosses, the Law of Attraction, marketing, and productivity to politics and music to whatever idea strikes. She has a 30+ year background in marketing and advertising and holds a BA in Political Science. Email her at or visit

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