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This story is a tribute to my late husband, Ed Earle who passed into the non-physical realm on March 15th, which was also his birthday. This is probably one of my most personal articles yet.

Some great motivation — served straight from Mister Rogers. This author’s memories from an amazing day with the great man and teacher.

This story is about the difference between an energetic download and being in a flow state.

This story is about writing on Medium and my thoughts about my stats and how they seem “wonky.”

This story is about writing mindset.

How I’m dealing with life as my business grows.

Here’s how to work with your gut instinct.

Here’s my most recent article on working from home.

An article about bully bosses and how they create disengaged employees.

Instead of asking “What’s Wrong?” ask, “What’s Right?”

This is a poem about cutting chords from the past.

This article is a collection of four stories from writers on Illumination that fit under the theme of “timeless takeaways.” Enjoy.

This was written the day I heard by boss screaming “Where is that b*tch?” into the phone as I answered. Here’s the story.

This article is about how ordinary and usually repetitive sounds can drive a person crazy — especially if they have this disorder — Misophonia. I have it and it sucks.

This article is about how I use Medium as a tactic to gain exposure to new clients — rather than as a means to an end. It is not an income stream to me. The article is about freelancing and includes four other writers’ approaches to their business. There’s a lot to learn.

Here is my article introducing myself as a new editor joining ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR team. Pretty cool!

Anyone who writes on Medium knows what it’s like to submit a story for review to be published and then wonders when it will go live. Here’s a little tongue-in-cheek listicle about things to do while waiting.

This article is about ensuring you show results in your work — especially if you are working from home and liking it and want to continue. Prepare to make the case. Figure out how to quantify your productivity.

This article has various perspectives on self-help. There are some interesting points that I bring in from four other Medium writers.

Have you ever been given tasks in your office simply because you are a woman? If you just said “yes,” this article is a must read. Even if you didn’t say yes — please read anyway. Everyone needs to be enlightened.

This article is about abandonment and resolving those feelings.

This is the third article in my Quantum Energy Mastery series.

Here is a summary of an employee COVID-19 work from home survey with some interesting findings.

Here is another article dealing with bully bosses. They are a problem in today’s work culture.

This is the second article in my Quantum Energy Mastery series.

This article provides hostage negotiation techniques that can help in any negotiation. I have found them effective with difficult bosses.

Here’s another article on bully bosses with more action items.

Bully bosses. They get in the way of so much. They are insecure beings who ruin everyone else’s day.

If you had to cut out a word, what would you eliminate? Think about it for a minute? Words mean so much.

This is the first article in my Quantum Energy Mastery series.

This article is a tongue-in-cheek reminder of how we can get thrown off of our routines oh-so-easily. The trick is getting back up.

Here are some tactics you can use in any negotiation. Thank you from the FBI.

I looked at the characteristics of the most successful people I know — and what they had in common — good and bad. Here’s how that came out.

Body language is a fascinating area of study. You can learn a lot from what someone shows — without them ever saying a word.

This article has a life lesson about how there’s very little we can control in life.

This article has a serious health warning.

This article was my reflecting back on the days right after my husband passed.

This article was written as an ode to my late husband who passed away from a glioblastoma.

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