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Below are all of my stories on Politics and Political Satire in chronological order.

This is about how people can feel empowered during the current political climate by voting with their spending. I encourage readers to find out the donors to their candidates and act accordingly.

This story is about how the GOP has a chance to rid itself of Donald Trump — and how we might be surprised that Trump gets convicted.

This story is about how I believe Donald Trump will be convicted in the Senate impeachment trial relating to the Capitol riot on January 6th.

I wrote this article to inspire people to contact the companies they purchase from to find out if by their purchasing power they are inadvertently supporting the Trump faction of the GOP. Something I find intolerable.

I wrote this article after I received an email from Uline for a “special” on their knives — within an hour after Trump was impeached for the second time on January 13th. Uline’s owner — the Uihlein family, is a major Trump/GOP donor.

This is article #4 in my Note From God Series. Each story is a “note of encouragement” to Joe Biden from God.

This is my first poem written about politics — a farewell to 2020 — and a commentary on the GOP.

This story is about Maria Bartiromo — who I feel has sold her soul to Trump and ruined her storied career. I used to have respect for her.

Dr. Fauci vaccinates Santa!

This is the third story in my “Note From God” series. Each story is a “note of encouragement” to Joe Biden from God.

This story is about how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has had the power to help millions of Americans who are starving and yet he has not. He has held up stimulus dollars — which are now more like “disaster funds” in an attempt to include legislation that absolves corporations and employers from any coronavirus-related liabilities. Because the two Republican senators in the Georgia runoff are in peril of losing, and consequently losing Republican control of the Senate, McConnell has begrudgingly signed on to allow stimulus checks in the latest package for Congressional approval.

Here I write about an especially bad day for our country. We’ve sustained a cyber attack by Russia, 300,000 Americans are now dead from the coronavirus, and Trump continues to undermine democracy. But there’s more. He’s the worst president in American history, refusing to do his job — at the same time complaining the job was stolen from him.

I discovered that there is a thing called “COVID Penis” and thought: What better way to get the science deniers to wear a mask? Here is the product of my thoughts.

This is second story in my “Note From God” series. Each story is a “note of encouragement” to Joe Biden from God.

This is about the recent lawsuits Trump has filed trying to overturn the election. He is a disgrace and so are his enablers.

Here’s an article about how Trump is undermining faith in the Georgia election system at the same time telling his supporters to vote for the two Republican senators up for re-election. This election is critical and will determine the balance of power in the Senate.

This article is about how the GOP has mishandled COVID-19 so spectacularly that three quarters of politicians sickened with the disease are Republicans. They have become a cult of the non-science minded, stupid blind Trump followers.

In this article I bring up the possibility that Trump did try and rig the election. But, he didn’t count on the voter turnout. So he was blown out of the water. Someone who is constantly claiming something is “rigged” might know a little too much about how it is in fact “rigged.”

This is an article about how Trump is bilking his supporters out of donations for his “stop the steal” campaign — even though he knows (or does he?) he can’t possibly disenfranchise millions of voters.

Trump can only do one thing — golf. People are dying and Trumpo is golfing.

I loved writing this. Embedded in this article is a YouTube video of Trump having a meltdown at a reporter. It’s beautiful. Enjoy.

This article is an observation about how Trump’s delaying the transition could actually backfire on him.

This article needed to be written. When I saw the video of AOC speaking to an empty House chamber just before Thanksgiving, it broke my heart. There is something wrong with our elected officials when they can’t do their main jobs: Taking care of their constituents who could go hungry — Thanksgiving week no less — and in the United States. Damn.

Pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey at the White House never had as much meaning before. This time it could also be practice.

Here is a list of the most commonly uttered Trump phrases. It was fun putting together the collection; and readers added more in the comments.

Here I’m trying to write something to Trump supporters — asking them why they believe he is good. I can’t understand how they can blindly follow a man who lies to them so openly.

This article is a satirical rant about how Trump is losing his mind and needs to be kicked out of office before he burns the place down. He refuses to concede the election that he has clearly lost and is causing more trouble than he is worth.

This article is about the “Geneva Consensus Declaration” that the Trump administration signed — severely limiting women’s rights in countries where they were already in peril. None of our western European allies signed the agreement.

This article is me fantasizing about what it would be like to get a phone call and job offer to be a speechwriter for Joe Biden.

Trump is acting like a sore loser — and using it to his advantage to raise funds from his supporters. The sad part is his supporters think they are helping to overturn the election. He has misled them.

This was such a fun article to write! Fashion! Check out the clothing. I think SNL called Kamala’s team and asked. Why not? It’s great public relations.

This is the first of my “Note from God” series articles. It was inspired by an email requesting a donation because of challenges by Donald Trump (claiming election fraud, etc.).

Here’s an article about Trump being in denial over the election. The first of many.

This article is about vote counting. It seems no one can understand the reason why it takes longer to count votes.

This article is about the behavior of Trump supporters leading up to election day.

This article is about how historically Republicans have favored voter suppression. They feel when everyone votes, they will lose. The GOP has asserted that the only way they can win is by keeping voters at home. They basically are the party of disenfranchisement.

In this article I point out that the President of the U.S. appears to be jealous that COVID-19 is stealing the spotlight from him.

This is an article about voting. It’s personal and I’m in it.

I was NOT happy with Amy Coney Barrett being rammed through as the newest Supreme Court Justice — replacing the notorious RBG. I felt that she stands for everything that RBG was against.

The Vice President — who is in charge of the coronavirus task force — has five employees in his office test positive for Covid-19. The White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said to reporters that they had essentially thrown in the towel on trying to contain the virus at the White House.

If anyone respects the rule of law, it’s Chief Justice Roberts. I may not always agree with him — but I believe he tries to do the best he can. I also believe from his facial expressions, particularly during the impeachment trial — that he probably thinks Trump is a disgrace.

Here, I write about how it appears Mitch McConnell is decomposing while he is still alive. If anyone deserves it, it’s this guy.

I couldn’t help but notice that Trump’s looks have not changed in the four years he has been in office. All the other presidents have aged. Clearly the job did not affect him at all. He has no feelings.

Here is an optimistic satire piece hopeful for a Biden win. I use the song from the Ghostbusters movie, “Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher and Higher” — as a metaphor for Biden versus the negative Trump who represents evil. If you watch the embedded video, the Statue of Liberty even walks past Trump Tower — as though she is crashing past Trump on the way to a Biden win!

This is a satirical listicle wondering what Trump would be like with a little cannabis in his system.

In this piece I am marveling at the stupidity of Eric Trump to speak on national television about which he clearly knows nothing about. The PR people that work with him are equally if not more stupid.

This article explains The Hatch Act — since apparently no one in Trump’s administration knew what it was. I thought my article could be of public service.

I wrote this article on Kayleigh McEnany after I discovered footage from her days at CNN when she openly criticized Trump as bad for the GOP — before she had some sort of brain transplant.

This was written when Trump was at Walter Reed with COVID-19 and felt he needed to risk spreading the disease to others for the sake of a car ride to look like a tough guy to his supporters.

As more and more attendees of Amy Coney Barrett’s White House Rose Garden Nominating event were coming down with coronavirus, I felt inspired to write this article.

This article is about how Trump can’t act like an adult. I know, Captain obvious.

This is a a political satire piece about Hope Hicks getting COVID-19.

Here I’m making fun of Trump for not winning Time Magazine’s cover of the year (because he wants it so badly).

This was a note to my Father, who is a Republican regarding Trump. It covers all of the things that normally would have mattered. But for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter with this guy. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Trump was already threatening the election. I was writing about how he couldn’t do anything…

In this article I was trying to make the observation that Trump had a chance to win over female voters by nominating a woman for the high court molded in RBG’s jurisprudence and style. We all know how that turned out.

There isn’t much to say here. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was and will forever be an icon. I have so much respect for all that she has accomplished. We could only keep her on this earth for so long.

Here, in this article — I was writing the day Bob Woodward revealed that Trump knew about the severity of the coronavirus long before he told the American people because he “didn’t want anyone to panic.”

I went into a full on rant for this. I felt my emotions pour out into the article.

This piece was curated by Medium.

This article was inspired by a Tweet by Don Winslow who suggested that reporters interrupt Trump and not allow him to keep spouting his lies.

This piece was written as I was feeling that so many terrible things were happening in the world under Trump’s watch — as though the world was falling apart. Locusts and pestilence.

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