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My husband died on his birthday in the hospital he was born in. That was nearly eight years ago. I was curious about the odds of dying on your birthday. It turns out — they’re high.

This one’s about my experience working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I had an article go viral about the Watts family murders — whose story was made into a documentary that went to number one on Netflix the first week it was released. I wanted to understand. Here’s the story of the story.

In response to a challenge to come up with a poem that uses the first letters of a word — taking one from ancestral origin, I chose the Welsh word for idiot.

This story is about how I can’t understand why Chris Watts, who murdered his family — is still getting attention. People are talking about how he “hates the holidays in prison” and I’m wondering why they care.

This story is about Maria Bartiromo — who I feel has sold her soul to Trump and ruined her storied career. I used to have respect for her.

This article is about the place where I live. It’s a new loft building — with a gym and a restaurant — and thin walls. I can hear the neighbors. This story is about that.

This story is about this year’s holiday season and how family really is always there — even if you can’t physically be with them. It’s better to be safe this year.

Dr. Fauci vaccinates Santa Claus!

This article is about trying to find some joy during this “pandemic holiday.”

This article is about The Long Pond Studio Sessions — where Taylor Swift and her co-producers and writers recorded the album “Folklore” after the pandemic restrictions were lifted in September 2020.

This article is about an error I made taking my migraine medicine. It’s a cautionary tale for anyone.

Here’s an article with an interesting method to cut a scary cat’s nails.

This article is about SNL’s amazing job copying VP-elect Kamala Harris’s acceptance suit just three hours after her acceptance speech.

We were finding that when we talked about certain items at home — in front of Alexa (without activating the wake word), we were finding advertisements in other media matching things we were talking about. So we tested it.

I learned that the Netflix documentary on the Chris Watts’ murder of his family left a lot of details out. I explored all of that in this article.

Murder is the leading cause of death for pregnant women. It’s dangerous to be pregnant — especially if your relationship is rocky.

This article explores the whole baby bump craze. There is a baby bump craze.

When this documentary was #1 on Netflix its first week on the platform, I needed to take a look.

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