Things I Wonder About

Curated stories from Jennifer Friebely

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Here are all of my articles related to “things I wonder about” curated here.

I wondered about having a writing download versus writing in a “flow state” — and explore the two “author’s gifts” in this article.

I’m wondering why my stats are so wonky on Medium.

I wondered why my husband died on his birthday in the same hospital he was born in.

I wondered why an article I wrote went viral.

John Dean suggests that Trump rigged the election — but failed, luckily — due to overwhelming Democratic voter turnout. I wonder too.

In this article I wanted to explore what musical notes looked like — since each note generates a different frequency. There’s a couple cool YouTube videos embedded within the article.

We were pretty sure that Alexa was listening in and then trying to help sell us stuff!

I pretended that I got offered a job writing for Joe Biden. It was fun to fantasize.

I wanted to know if coffee actually tastes better when someone else makes it for you. Is there some reason for it?

This article is about how people who have crossed over still communicate with us. I talk about it.

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